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Our annual Peach Party. Aka Peachfest!


Once again it was that time of the year, joining together with our sister pubs, like a giant family, for a brilliant night of drinking, partying and socialising!

This year’s party fell on 4th July, so a USA-themed party seemed apt, and wee decided the only thing for it was native Americans! Everyone went all out, even Tony painted his face, and Tom painted an eagle on his chest! What absolute champs!

We were entertained and dazzled with some amazing circus acts, followed by a dance off between all of our sister pubs. And whilst our little routine didn’t win the dance, our amazing sister pub The Fleece did. They came as Playboy Bunnies and their GM was Hugh Hefner, so let’s face it, of course they were going to take the crown!

But, the night didn’t end there! It wouldn’t be a Peach party without some true stories to tell… including a chef going missing, our Assistant Manager missing the bus home and Alex sleeping in a van, loosing her makeup in the process. I think it’s fair to say we definitely have a wild side.

All in all we all met some great new Peachy friends, and some superb memories, just another reason why we love where we work. See all our full photos here.

Written by rebekha

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